Hey Mama,
I’m With You! I Hear You!
You’re a busy mom. You work hard - so hard - to provide for your family, take care of the kids, have a relationship, you hardly have a minute to breathe. You miss your ski days and hiking up mountains. You look forward to the days when you’ll be able to travel again – take that road trip, board that plane, see the world. These are things you used to do. They were so much a part of you. But now, even thinking about exploring, adventure, and travel with kids is daunting. You wish you could. You want to get your spark back. But something is pulling you, holding you back. You don’t know where to start. It’s just too tough.

It doesn’t have to be. 
Now is Your Time. 
Let’s Re-ignite that Spark and bring adventure back into your life and the lives of your family.
Are you ready to feel whole again? To live the life you love? 
I’m Jodi and I’m committed to helping moms live a fulfilled life by incorporating adventure into family life. So many of us let integral pieces of ourselves go when we have kids. We spend so much time wondering how, why, and what to do. We aren’t in balance. We lose a spark, a piece of ourselves, because we give up on so much that we love.
I work with moms who love having adventures, whether outdoors, travel by air, car or train, and are seeking to incorporate this adventure back into their lives after having one, two, or more kids. We will identify road blocks, establish strategies, and work together to build a fulfilled life for you and your family. It’s tough. I know. I’ve been there, and I am living it. But, it’s totally possible.
Now’s your time!
I’d love to connect with you.
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